Challenges and solution of Maternal, New-born and Child Health

When a women get good news about his new born baby, the happiness level for that women is out of the world. It would be a great news not only for a woman but for the whole family. One thing but keep into the mind that, with this big happiness there can be always a doubt of complications related to health. Those complications will be for both, for mother and for the newborn child. Maternal health period usually the duration of pregnancy, birth of child and the duration after the birth. In which, all health related complications of mother and baby can identified. 

Doctors always trying to give awareness about this important matter, that maternal and newborn’s health is very important we can not neglect it.  Women of rural areas specially face very difficulties and can not find the nearest clinic to take help during this phase. In this piece of article, we are trying to find out some challenges and the solutions for those challenges related to maternal and prenatal health.

Social challenges

  • Lack of Awareness

If a woman have no enough awareness regarding her pregnancy issues, she will ignore many important health issues. Which can be dangerous for her and for her baby’s health.

  • Distance of clinic

The another hurdle can be far away distance of maternity clinic or hospital from living location. Woman will face heavy challenge if she is on labor pain specially.

  • Support of family

If woman have no support from husband or in laws, she may face very tough situation. Because some women need permission from family to take any kind of decision related to health.

Challenges During pregnancy

  • Hypertension

The changes in blood pressure may occur during this period, high blood pressure is very common issue in these days. It may be due to hormonal changes, mood swings and anxiety.

  • Shortness of breath

Again it is another problem that women may face, due to belly stretching or abdominal weight.

  • Diarrhea

This is the Major problem, which is due to the change in diet plan or eating unhealthy food items all the time. Spicy, oily and junk food specially, which can be due to mood swings but not good for baby’s health also.

  • Over weight

Gaining extra weight is also a challenge, because the child should consume the diet not your own body. It will ruined your figure even after the delivery. So, change your eating habits and take healthy food rather than oily, that make fats.

  • Tiredness

Women may face tiredness through the whole pregnancy period. The reasons can be multiple in which low blood level and iron level also involved. Your minerals and electrolytes level should be maintained in your body.

  • Muscle Cramps

While pregnancy it is also very common and due to high weakness, a woman may feel muscle cramps in body. Specially, hands and feet area can be affected through cramps.

  • Itching

Most prevailing pregnancy challenge would be itching, due to multiple reasons. During this phase women may feel belly stretching and they can feel irritation and itching on that particular area. There can be many other reasons behind this natural phenomenon.

  • Less sleep

Due to the multiple issues, a woman may face sleeplessness issue also. Which can be sometime very painful and stress full all the night. The reason behind it over weight and uncomfortable sleeping positions. All these things can temporary and may be fine after delivery.

Birth Challenges

After pregnancy the most hardest period on women will be delivery time. During delivery many challenges a woman may face with severe kind of delivery pain. There can be many fluctuations in the blood circulation. Blood can up and down and pulse can also be very high or very low. It is the most difficult time on woman and she will have to go through this period. After that everything will be settle down and will be normal. That duration will cause high anxiety and depression on woman. Here, Few complications are mentioned so that everyone can easily understand them.

  • Fever
  • Severe pain
  • Hypertension
  • High pulse
  • Anxiety
  • Chills
  • Cramps

Newborn child Challenges

  • Shortness of breath

After delivery doctors will properly examine the breath of the baby. If the breath is fine, so it will be a good sign, otherwise doctors will take the baby on special baby care room. Where all necessary treatment are done. It can be of minor type issue or can be a major issue.

  • Birth injuries

Baby after birth can face many childbirth injuries and many birth scars on any part of body. It can be any minor issue or can be major and on a large part of body.

  • Premature

Some babies are born as premature baby, means they born before completing the 9 months. They may be about 7 months old or 8 months, or they have no proper normal organs. They are not properly grown and may be they have other issues also.

Solutions for such complications and challenges

To solve the challenges related to women’s health we need to give them awareness first of all. Woman should know their exact challenges of maternal health and about her baby’s health. This can be happen through various awareness health programs on different locations and on social media platforms. Similarly, conduct various seminars on women’s health and invite the women specially, of rural areas. Educate them and teach them how they can get help through different help lines in time of an emergency.

Teach them how to find out the nearest hospital or clinic and how can they call the doctor in case of delivery. Women should know their proper good diet plan during this period, that what is good or bad for baby’s health or for mother also. They should avoid high sodium foods in case of hypertension and avoid oily, spicy food in case of high fatty figure. Always take healthy food like fruits, vegetables and fresh juices for the sake of baby’s health.  All these things are very much essential for both maternal and child health.