The Effects of Mother-child separation

The relationship between mother and child is the most precious and respectable in the world. There is also a strong psychological connection between both of them. They both can’t live without each other, it is a beautiful natural blood relationship. In the present time, there are many cases reported, in which many personal disputes that effects the mother child relation lead to the separation of both mother and child. Whatever the reason behind it but it shouldn’t end at any cost. In This article, we are going to figure out some reasons and effects related to the separation of mother and child.

 Major Reasons

  1. Parental dispute

The main reason behind separation is the parental dispute, which can be so disturbing factor for a motherson relationship. The fight between mother and father can lead to many harmful results, in which the son can face separation from the mother. There can be some serious kinds of judicial issues between both parties, which leads to separation. It will be so hurtful for both of them and it can not handle easily after the decision of the our.

  • Personal clash

The other type of reason includes any kind of personal clash between mother and son. Especially, if the mother is a stepmother, stepmother and son clashes contain a huge list of disputes. The personal clash belongs to the personal life of mother and son and can make them rude to each other. This kind of clash is rare but still existed throughout the whole world.

  • Lack of Attention

The distance between mother and son can be due to a lack of attention. In this present era, everybody is busy in their own lives and their own friend’s circle. Mother and son both have no time for each other, this type of attitude leads to the reason behind the separation. This distance started with mental separation and then with time, it will be physical separation as well. Such type of circumstances are very common now and mothers and sons Seem very busy with their own life.  

  • Rude behavior

It is the most prevailing issue nowadays, that can produce harmful results in the form of mother-son separation. If mothers always behave rudely at home with their son, he may feel neglected, third person or step-son, etc. Similarly, if the son does such things, that can hurt his mother badly, so the mental separation process begins. Which is much more dangerous than the physical distance.

  • Second marriage

Another biggest reason behind this practice is the second marriage of the mother. Due to specific circumstances or under the pressure of family, the mother can decide to do second marriage. Which is again very painful or hurtful practice for her son. She will have to leave the son for the sake of her second marriage. Some studies also showed the mother’s affair after her first husband’s death. which also leads to a critical painful situation for their son and therefore she left him alone for her second marriage.

  • Other Hidden Reasons

Besides all these realities, there can be much more hidden truths or reasons behind this practice. For instance, the death of a mother can not only leave the son alone but also can destroy him internally or mentally. Especially, if the son is so young and emotionally attached to the mother. Many other circumstances are involved, like if the son is involved in any kind of drug-addictive activity or any kind of affair. In this situation, the son may leave the house due to his violent behavior with the family. Similarly, if the son facing any serious mental abnormalities, he may leave the mother without any specific reason.

Effects of separation

After separation there can be so many negative effects on both mother and son, Let’s discuss all these negative effects step by step.

  1. Psychological Effects

The first and foremost effect would be the psychological effect, which can badly harm the brain’s health. Brain health should be accurate, but in such circumstances brain health will disturb so bad. Which can lead to higher levels of anxiety, depression, and sometimes high mental illness. The son particularly can face more effects than the mother, because he is young and has energetic blood. Son may join the bad community and can be addicted to drugs due to a high level of depression and anger. Similarly, the mother can also face many brain health issues and can feel guilty, hopeless, and high depression for her beloved son. So, the situation can be so worst and it can be very harmful to mental health.

  • Biological Effects

It is a famous saying that, If you have a healthy mind, so you have a healthy body. A healthy body means free of deceases body and it is directly connected to brain health. After facing depression and anxiety the brain of mother and son can not do its proper functioning. Therefore they may also face many biological issues and which will increase with time.

Many diseases can occur due to high-stress levels in which diabetes, and high blood pressure are at the top of the list. You have to take medicine to control both diseases. Many other problems may occur in which blurred eyesight, less sleep, headache, and many more included. Both mother and son may face such conditions due to increased stress levels.  

  • Societal Effects

There can be so many societal effects because our society has a different mindset and can’t accept such things. People backbite and can talk about them and can make fun of them. So, the son may lose his confidence level and he will not able to face other people. There can be fear of socialization for the mother also just because of negative thinking of people around her.


The relationship between mother-son is unique and beautiful, this blood relation shouldn’t be separated. If this kind of situation arises so it will ruin the whole life of the son and mother. The decision to separate may cause many negative effects on both and these negative effects may damage their whole personalities.