How To Teach Kids To Stand Up For Their Views?

Every parent wants to make their children so strong and confident in front of people. They always try to make their future so easy and energetic. For this purpose, they try to teach them in many different ways. All methods that, they apply are so helpful for the growth of a child and make them so much more confident. Kids have various kinds of fears and hesitations in their minds and they always feel shy to express their inner feelings. The parent must tell them the right way to express their opinion and give them confidence. So that, a child can move with society confidently and strongly.

Let’s discuss some major points regarding this matter. How can we give them motivation through our behavior, actions, and words? They can apply those tactics and tricks for becoming a confident individual in society. Here are some major points, that every parent needs to understand with full attention.

Friendly Behavior

The first and foremost step in the teaching process is to make a friendly environment at home. Where kids can feel relaxed and easily tell their parents anything they want. Parents should Attach to kids, behave very well, and be very friendly with their kids, so they will feel secure to share anything. Talk to them freely talk about values and beliefs and what is their importance in life. Give them time as much as you can, play games with kids, and cook with them in a happy mood. Tell them that, we are not parents but your friends if you have any questions or anything else just ask freely.

Listen To Them

The second most important thing is listening, just listen to kids what they try to say. Do not interrupt or talk rudely with kids, it will create a very negative and bad impact on their Brain. If they trying to tell you something, just listen carefully and do not ignore them. It will ruin their confidence level and they may feel bad for themselves. Listen to their school stories and friends’ gossip that they do on daily basis in school. If they want to sing a song just listen to it, it will make your child happy and your kid will feel so special, that everybody listens to him/her. Always appreciate them and don’t Degrade them, especially in front of other people. 

Give Awareness

The next step would be the awareness about sharing, tell them the benefits of views sharing with others and especially with parents. Teach them the various tactics and techniques through which they can get attention by sharing views. Tell them to share their internal thoughts with their parents and tell them to learn moral habits. Tell them your teacher will answer you in the classroom, but first, you have to ask questions in front of your fellows. Don’t feel shy and don’t hesitate just ask whatever you want to ask. If you have any kind of problem raise your hand and frequently ask the query. Just grab the attention of everybody and make yourself confident.


It is another method through which you can motivate your child to speak and share. Motivation can be of any type, you can motivate kids through different means. Tell them the motivational stories and real-life incidents. Through these stories, they can get ideas about the method of view sharing. They will know how to express their emotions, feelings, anger, anxiety, frustration, and problems in life. Teach them that, by expressing their views you will feel happy and relaxed, It will be better for your health also.

Make Them Feel Special

Make such a good environment for kids, so that, they feel comfortable in views sharing. Make them feel so special to parents and others, their opinions are also very special to them. Teach them to raise their voice against any bad thing also and in this case discrimination is wrong. Especially, discrimination based on gender is wrong, everyone has an equal right to speak or express his/her opinion. There is no difference between girls and boys, girls should also speak for their rights and shouldn’t feel any hesitation in this sensitive matter.

Build Their Confidence

To achieve the goal of a high confidence level, children should practice in front of the mirror. Stand up in front of the mirror and talk with your self, tell yourself your all fears, grieves, happiness, and other feelings. Tell your kids to take part in various school activities also such as race, painting competitions, and other learning activities. It will bring huge positive change in their life. The level of confidence will be high and it will make them strong and capable to move with society. Teaching them to take part in different activities is not only good for their physic but will also increase their IQ level. Just Appreciate your kids if they do little good deeds.

Take Part In Competitions

The best way to increase the confidence level in front of others is to take part in different speech competitions. All educational institutions arranged these competitions for this purpose specially. These functions are held every month, after 2, 6 months or it can be held on result day. Children just love to take part in speech competitions to prove themselves in front of people. There is a proper function of price distribution also, in which the winner gets cups, trophies, medals, shields, prices, and certificates. Everyone claps for such brave students and this appreciation will motivate them.

Regular Debates At Home

Parents should arrange regular debate sessions at home also if they want to build up their confidence. A healthy debate competition and discussion on every positive topic of the world should be discussed at home. Ask your kids in a friendly mood, that what is their opinion and what they think about it. So that, children will share their points of view on various topics. It’s the best method to teach them, in which they can learn a lot of things about views sharing.