If I talk about baby development & milestone during six months. There is lot of baby movements which are gradually develop.  Baby is the great blessing of God and baby development is really wonderful experience for every parent. Every parent wishes to get this great experience. While this world is too much big and scary for coming babies into this world. Because at first, they do not know his parents are there to feed and care for him in nature of parents. A child starts to communicate and gives you signals when he feels tired, hungry, or awaking alert. He/She always learns and his parents help him to know that the comfortable place where his needs will be met.

When I got my first baby (girl) I got a very beautiful experience of baby development. My daughter was too weak but gradually getting healthy by my care and mother feed. During the first few months, my daughter was growing at a rate of 1-2 pounds a month. But the baby growing rate is increasing after two months rapidly. After six months she was doubled her birth weight.

Emotional & social baby development

When a newborns come into this world .They don’t know the realities of life .they don’t know who is feeding them, When they hungry and tired. But being a parent it’s our duty to check out baby development .They develop gradually and aware of their surroundings, smile by five or seven weeks. Some babies take more interest in your voice and face, Because this is my personal experience when my daughter was just one month older, she recognized my voice surprisingly even she always feels happy to come into my arms. So don’t feel rejected if they turn away because babies never go strange people or even they don’t interact.


Motor skill 1- 6 month Baby Milestone

First month development

In first months, your baby change in different ways, he starts to smile, feel and recognize your touch & hands. Most of the time baby spend time while sleeping. Two months older baby does not hold and response toys, Sooner he realize and recognize his mother’s voice and touching.

Second months development

During second month, baby development going speedily .He tries to suck his hand or few fingers. While some babies suck their thumb. Hanging colorful toys attract him,

After two months baby development move forward gradually. He starts to produce different vowels and consonant sounds as (ah-guru) or maybe rolling over tummy to back. When we talk to him/her. He tries to give a response by sweet smiling or laughing (sweet sound, kalkari). if you don’t know about it just watch a baby when he is squealing in delight over your antics.

Three months development

When your baby reaches 3 months, you may have to look at your baby’s sweet smile, laugh, long time sleeping 14-16 hours in 24 hours. Your Baby lifts her head 90 degrees when he is on his tummy. In this month, you will look your baby laugh louder. A baby also tries to roll over and turn in direction of a sound. At this age, all babies love to play with their favorite toys, activity mats. But also sensory toys that vibrate, peep, chirp when they pressed. You always enjoy your baby’s movements, if you through any musical toy then your little one is reaching for toys now. He loves to play love any plaything can grab. 

4 months development

In this month, your baby can raise his arms. When he is on his tummy and keep his head moves and roll over while in a sitting and lying position. At this age, some babies bear their weight on their less. When they try to upright. Many babies play with their toes or even mouth them. During this phase, the baby reacts unhappily if you take a fluorite toy away. Babbling is the most important action in this month, Baby babbling includes more vowel and consonant, like ga-ga-ga or ba-ba, these sounds lead to produce baby’s sweet calling mama.

5 months development

During this month baby’s hearing and vision almost completely developed. He also recognizes his name. He responds when you call his name. These days babies love to play hide and seek, ”booh” in pika booh game. Motor skill is enhanced, your baby tries to catch all the things around him. He confidently moves and controls his head, strong pushups. In short, a baby is growing more rapidly and actively

6 month development

In six months the main and more important baby development and a milestone in his sitting without support and start crawling. They can probably roll from their back on their stomach. Some babies propping around the floor using this rolling. They may be crawl forward and backward, sliding on tummy and pushing on the floor. You may notice your baby rise on his knees or back and forth. The average babies’ sitting starts without support around 6.5 months, while some active babies start to sit in four months and some could not sit until as late as the 9 months. But all the babies can sit easily on a high chair. By now you should start solid food to give your baby such as porridge, mashed banana, and potatoes, baked apples! Colorful toys and things attract them.