Benefits of Multani mitti is usually known for its use in beauty products and skincare products. These are mainly Multani mitti masks that reduce oil and give the skin a healthy glow. This natural form of clay has several other uses for skin and hair. Keep reading to learn more about Multani mitti and how you can use it for skin and hair care ! You will not regret it. Multani mitti is capable of absorbing excess oil, dirt, and sweat from your skin, it can thoroughly cleanse your pores from the inside out. This helps prevent pimples, pimples, and blackheads from developing by making the pores healthier. It’s a refreshing effect. It is rich in magnesium chloride and can help relieve sunburn, rashes, and inflammation, even helping with scratches, insect bites, or worn pimples.

benefits of multani mitti

Good to Know about Multani mitti|

Fuller’s soil

Multani mitti, which is taken from “Multan mud,” is as popular as Fuller’s land. Fuller’s earth, full of minerals, mainly contains various compositions of hydrated aluminum silicates or clay minerals. Benefits of Multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth is any clay material that can discolor oil or other liquids without the use of harsh chemical treatments.

Fuller’s soil is currently used as an absorbent for oils, fats, and animal waste (kitty litter) and as a carrier for pesticides and fertilizers. Minor uses include filtering, rinsing, and bleaching; active and inactive ingredient in cosmetic products; and as a filler in paints, plasters, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals. It has various uses in the film industry and on stage.

It also includes small amounts of other minerals such as calcite, dolomite, and quartz. In some places, Fuller’s earth is known as calcium bentonite, altered volcanic ash, which is mainly composed of montmorillonite.

benefits of multani mitti

The Use Multani Mitti in Home Recipes to Nourish Skin and Hair 

    Mask for deep cleansing of hair for strands prone to brittleness

A benefits build-up of hair products, pollution, and perspiration can weigh hair down and make it look dull and dull. Mix Multani mitti with apple cider vinegar and apply to the scalp; two cleansing ingredients create a double effect. The former contains magnesium and zinc to condition hair and remove impurities from the skin & hair care.

Spot treatment of inflamed pimples

One more benefit of Multani mitti with neem powder and it mix with water. This mixture will dry out red and inflamed pimples, and it actively treats rashes thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Matting mask for oily skin.

 For Skin & Hair care multani mitti with tomato juice to create a mattifying mask that absorbs excess oil and tightens open pores that are prone to blackheads, as tomatoes are a natural astringent that acts as a tonic without drying out the skin. 

Moisturizing mask for dry and dull skin.

If your problem is flaky skin prone to fine lines and dullness, mix Multani mitti with honey and apply it as a mask. Honey moisturizes, leaving the skin firm and elastic. It absorbs any excess oil from the surface. As it dries, the paste contracts, stimulating blood flow as it cools and contracts on the surface of the skin. Did the ending work out? A more ruddy and radiant complexion. 

 Smoothing & softening body scrub

Mix oatmeal with Multani mitti and add water to make a scrub. Oatmeal soothes any skin inflammation (including rashes and redness). Multani mitti removes all sweat, dirt, and debris from the surface, making it washable.


In short Multani mitti is God gift for us. We can use it skillfully and apply on our skin and hair for their betterment.But besides it the benefit of Multani mitti ,if you use it in wrong way,it may be harmful for your skin and hair.