Fitness trackers and watches are very demanding now a days. Because If you want to plan a new fitness schedule, improving your health and everyday routine, then a health tracker is a game-changer for you. To meet your workout or health-related goals, a fitness tracker would be a great option. It will motivate you towards achieving your goals.

A good watch tracker keeping you away from procrastination and can improve your daily activity and push you to achieve more. Women are supposed to run a family and do big tasks in their life. Therefore, it won’t be possible without having a healthy routine. Therefore, having a fitness tracker (bands, rings) or smart tracker watch is beneficial for fitness freak people.

Do you worry about how to get the best fitness tracker or watch for you? There are many fitness trackers, fitness bands, rings, and watches are available. But, to know which one is perfect for you, we are here with some of the best fitness trackers and watches for women. So, do not worry and scroll down!

What to consider before buying a fitness tracker?

When buying a fitness tracker/watch, you need to consider few things.

Type of tracker:

First of all, you must know that which form of fitness tracker you want. There are various types of trackers available like fitness watches, fitness rings, fitness bands/bracelets, and clip-on. However, wristwatches, bands, or bracelets are the safer options. Watches or bands may bother you while you are sleeping. However, the choice is all yours.

Battery health:

Nowadays, there are many watches whose charging life can last for many days. It is a dominant feature because you don’t have to charge a tracker or watch regularly.

Extra features:

Some fitness trackers have the option of checking the heart rate, sleeping schedule, and GPS navigation. Of course, these extra features cost you more. But, if these features have a priority for you, then go for them. Moreover, most of the trackers have an extra option of tracking your sleep. They track your light or deep sleep and provide you the exact number of how many breaths per minute you took while sleeping.

Waterproof feature:

If you are a swimmer, then you must prefer a fitness watch or band that is waterproof. A fitness tracker that also counts time and distance covered in water is best for you.

Connection with the smartphone:

Many fitness trackers can connect to your phone and provide all the stats on the phone application. They also show the notifications of any calls or messages on your tracker screen. Therefore, you don’t need to check your phone while you are doing a workout.

Fitness trackers and watches:

1. FITBIT INSPIRE 2 (Fitness tracker)

It is a wrist wearable band of black color. This tracker is mainly used for monitoring sleep, running time and distance, steps count, and heartbeat rate. It also has extra features like waterproof features and calories burn count. FITBIT INSPIRE tracker motivates you towards achieving more as it can connect with others trackers and provides your counts while competing with others. It starts your day right and ends well as it has an option to set alarms for your sleeping schedule. Moreover, it monitors your sleep thoroughly while you are sleeping. In the morning, it reminds you not to forget your morning walk or exercise.

FITBIT INSPIRE 2 can connect to your smartphone and notify you when there is any call, message, or email so that you can respond timely. Moreover, you do not need to charge it daily as its battery can last up to ten days. It means you can avoid the headache of charge it daily. Furthermore, it can stick to your arm all day long and constantly measure your heart rate.


All the advanced features like waterproof feature, heartbeat check, sleeping schedule monitoring, and calorie burn count are available.

It has good battery life.


It is better for simple exercises like walking than complex ones.

2. Garmin Forerunner 45S

It is a wrist fitness watch specially made for women because of its designs and variety in colors. This watch is light in weight and has a colorful dial to make everything clear. Garmin Forerunner 45S has a GPS incorporated into it to track your location and your desired location. Moreover, it has all the other features like all-day health monitoring, sleep monitoring, distance measuring, and steps counts.

This watch brings safety to your life. If you are in some emergency, some threatening situation, or if you need help, you can push the helping button immediately. In this way, the watch will send notifications to your emergency numbers. If the wristwatch hits or cracks during a run or walk and there is some mishap, it will automatically send an alert message to the emergency numbers.


It ensures the safety of a person.

Comfortable on wrist



It is higher in price than other fitness trackers.

3. New Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 runs on watchOS and is waterproof. It is an advanced version of a fitness watch. You can have it without even connecting with your iPhone. You can make calls and send messages without connecting with a phone. However, you can also connect it to your phone. This smartwatch has all the fitness-related features and is more oriented towards fitness. Moreover, you can play music/songs on it and talk with Siri.

You can directly call the emergency number via your apple watch. However, it sucks at the battery and charging life.


All the advance features like measuring complex activities, heart rate, sleeping schedule, and calorie burn, etc

Waterproof and highly customized



Bad battery life


Buying a fitness tracker is a convenient way to measure your health and fitness. It is also a great way to improve your fitness motivation. As your overall health will improve, your targets will also become more up. However, before making a purchase, you need to identify the features you need the most and your budget.