This is what open adoption is really like

The term ” open adoption” refers to such child adoption in which both parties the real parents and adapters are connected. Nowadays, this type of open adoption is more common than another one. People like to contact other families for the sake of their children. In most countries, this method is quite normal and preferable due to its benefits. In this article, we are going to find out some hidden reasons behind an open adoption. Also, we are going to find out the benefits of this existed term.

Reasons behind open Adoption


The main problem behind deciding between adoption is infertility. Every couple has a dream about little ones, but due to some health issues, they can not conceive a baby. After waiting for many years finally they decide to adopt the child. They think that it’s time to grow our family by adoption. For this purpose, they search the child in different specific locations.

The loneliness of a single parent

One of the major reasons behind child adoption is the loneliness of a single mother or a single father. If they feel alone and want a kid as a companion, they contact orphanage homes for adoption. There are many many things behind single parent terms, they can be divorcees due to child issues and many other things will be involved in this case. Single parents like to contact real parents as well and they prefer an open adoption for the sake of an adopted child.  

Death of Mother

If mother has died during delivery or due to any kind of reason, father may give his child to adopters. Especially, when he has nobody to look after his child. He can take this decision for the safety and care of his baby. He will maintain a healthy relationship with adopters to meet his adopted child on regular basis. He can give his child gifts, money and can meet his child on birthdays. This is all done after the mutual consultation of both families, both families make agreement related to open adoption and sign on it.

For good deed

It is also consider another biggest reason behind child adoption, in which a person can adopt the child for the sake of virtue. Such individual can be male,female or both can take the responsibility of that child. The child can be of younger age as well, because their main aim is to adopt and care for that child.There are many individuals, that like to make such virtue due to their humbleness and soft heart personality, which is good.

Advantages of open Adoption

Secure Hands

This is the main advantage of open adoption, in which real parents can give their children secure hands. In most cases, real parents choose the adopter family by themselves, and before agreement they investigate everything. After investigation, if they were sure about the security of their child, so they will handle to adopter family. Through this pattern, they can easily choose the right family and can send their child into safe hands.

Routine meetings

Another benefit of open adoption is the regular meetings between the child and real parents. Whatever the reason behind this adoption, biological parents always wanted to see their child, for this purpose a proper agreement will be done. While making an agreement the types of adoption are mentioned, and parents will choose what type of adoption they want for the child. In such circumstances, both families feel happy and comfortable, and biological parents can know their child’s health and situation.

 Better Life

If real parents are not in the condition to give their child a good lifestyle, they send their child to adopters. To give their child better educational opportunities, they may decide to hand over the child. This decision may turn out good decision in the future

Family environment

If a sender doesn’t have such an adequate and affordable environment at home, he may decide on handover the child. In some cases, there is no one at home to look after the child or parents who died during an accident. In such a situation relatives may take decide to hand over the child. In this regard, they also like to choose an open adoption method to meet their Adopted children. There can be some high-level personal disputes about a large number of kids and financial issues. To avoid such things a mother or father can decide with a big heart to send their child to a better environment and education

Child’s satisfaction

This is the real advantage of open adoption, that the adopted child will be satisfied. The real thing is the child’s satisfaction and permission also. These things matter, tell the child about reality and if the child wishes to contact real parents, don’t stop.

Agreement method for open Adoption

Before the adoption of a child, some specific terms and conditions will be applied through an agreement or written document. Here are the main points of agreement and the method through which this open adoption takes place.

First of all biological parents decide what type of adoption they want and what kind of family they want?

After that, they will consult the various NGOs, agencies, and institutions that are working with open child adoption.

The next step would be personal data sharing with families. In which, phone numbers, pictures, email, and home addresses are included.

The next step is to conduct personal meetings and home visits for few times.

In meetings, both parties will decide on the agreement on open adoption and regular meetings of real parents.

After the family mutual consultation process, the consent of the adopted children will be identified. If the child is young and growing age proper meeting will be held with the child to make that child satisfy.

If the child is too little, everything should be clear to their real parents.

After that, the written documentation process will be done, in which all terms and conditions about meetings will be mentioned.