Crawling Period Of Baby

 It’s a beautiful journey in a mother’s life when she watches her child moving around. During the crawling phase, the child usually tries to move from one place to another. It’s a process of learning as well, in which a child can learn so many things and impacts from other people. During the learning sessions, your child will grow day by day not only physically but psychologically as well. Through which many mental abilities and physical activities will occur, through which your child will learn new things. There are various stages through which, a child can learn to crawl properly. Parents and other family members are also involved in this learning process.

 The crawling stage of the baby is also known as the development stage, this development process includes both physical and mental development. This article tries to figure out the main development stages of a baby crawling. Also, try to found find out the psychological and physical learning during the whole phase.

Various Phases And Styles Of Crawling

As mentioned above crawling is a complete process of learning so it will be based on various phases.  your child will have to go through these phases to achieve the goal of crawling. The crawling period looks so fascinated not only for your child but you will also enjoy watching your child.

Commando Style

The first phase begins after six to 7 months when the child will learn how to sit.  During this phase, if the child cannot properly sit he will try to move from one place to another through crawling. At this time the child will try to move using the belly and hands, it is an initial phase and style of crawling. This style is also known as the Commando style in which babies try to drag their bodies like a commando. They move their arms, legs, and belly together, it’s a very common way to move from one place to another.

Holding Specific Things

In the second phase of crawling the baby tries to reach toward a specific thing and wants to hold it immediately.  For this purpose, the child tries to reach urgently towards a specific point to hold that thing, therefore the child speeds up crawling. He may use second another style of crawling, which is usually known as a beer style. In which, the child tries to use both hands and both legs together and move fast to reach the destination.

Classical Crawling

During the crawlingperiodanother third style, that babies love to adopt is the classical crawling style. In which, the baby will use one leg and one arm at a time to move around. After a few steps, the child tries to sit as well. Babies usually love to adopt this type of style when they began to crawl.  You will see your baby will look so amazing in such a position and continuously give the smile while moving. In the third phase, the baby can sit and crawl properly and can fast the speed of crawling also. In short words, the baby will be fearless in this period and can easily move here and there.

First Phase Of Crawling

It’s a phase during which the mother and other family members can teach several important things to their child during the crawling period. It will create a very positive impact on a child’s development process. Whena child tries to crawl he can face many hurdles and family members now going to teach adequately. Various hurdles are included as mentioned below:

Fear of first steps

The first hurdle baby may face is the fear of crawling, due to the internal fear he will not able to take the first step. The mother and other family members must teach the child about crawling and motivate the baby for taking the first step. It’s a natural fear in all babies but Once the babies begin to crawl they will become fearless and move easily and happily.

Suddenly falling

Another biggest hurdle between your child and his/her crawling period will be suddenly falling while crawling. This situation also creates fear inside them. They may face some serious injuries also during crawling, therefore they mostly try to avoid crawling. The family must take care of their child, and put a deep eye on his/her every act while crawling. Teach them to crawl slowlyand don’t go too fast, your child will learn it properly through your guidance. If your little one fell, hold him/her, kiss them on the cheek, and make your baby comfortable in your arms. After that motivate again to crawl the process and don’t stop it, it’s a good learning process during this stage.

Less focus on food

While learning the crawling, the baby will try to focus on moving around as soon as possible and he may not put more focus on food. So, a mother must give her child a proper diet during this stage, so that the little one can get more energy to move around and play with things. Doesn’t matter baby crawl at what age but he should always focus on the meal first. During this stage make a good and healthy mashed food with other homemade beneficial items. Because it’s a time when a child needs more and more energy for moving and playing.

Development Of Creative Abilities

It’s a period of development where both mental and physical development occurs through the surrounding environment. The happiness and enjoyment level of your child will be at its peak. Baby will try to get everything around, whether it’s good or bad. Even though a child has no sense of good thing or bad thing but still he/want to grab them from his hands.

Another biggest thing you can see during this phase is the copying style of the baby. Whenever your child sees another person’s acts, the little one also wants to adopt such a style. If you want to make the baby’s crawling style perfect try to crawl in front of him or her. Through this, the child will try to copy you and act like you.