Diabetes is a very dangerous and lifelong disease. It is said that diabetes is the silent killer. There are two types of Diabetes type 1 and type 2.Today.Type 2 diabetes is generally considered by insulin resistance when the body does not respond to insulin. Insulin cannot work properly and blood glucose levels always rise more than insulin. Eventually, the type 2 Pancreas couldn’t produce enough insulin even causing high blood sugar called hyperglycemia. Type 2 is generally diagnosed in older adults. Doctors recommend type 2 diabetic patients to increase physical activities and maintain healthy body weight by regular exercise.

Today, I will discuss Diabetes type 1.Babies are a blessing & grace for every parent. When everyone wishes to get sweet and babies either boy or girl. Sweet babies make our life perfect and pleasurable. Our kids are our life. But if one of child suffers any problem our breathes feeling to stop. May Allah never give any problem to any child!

My personal Experience and Diabetes Type 1

A few years before when I got my daughter, she was a really charming and pretty little angel. She was perfectly alright by her health till her six years of her age. After six years, suddenly he was going weak rapidly, while she was a healthy girl. One night she urination in bed, which was very disturbing for me and my husband, Being a mother I observed her deeply and realized there is something wrong with her, so I and my husband decided to go to a doctor and examined her keenly. When Doctor checked him he had given socking new her glucose level is much higher. After lab tests, it confirmed my daughter was struck in diabetes type 1.

What is Diabetes Type 1  

Being a mother I searched, searched, and only searched on Causes, symptoms, treatment about diabetes type 1. This is a condition in which the immune system destroys insulin cells and the pancreas couldn’t make insulin. These are beta cells, this condition is normally diagnosed in children and young people. It is also called Juvenile diabetes while the second condition of this disorder is called  diabetes type 1. In type 1 beta cells are wiped out for some reasons as disease or an injury from the pancreas rather than the immune system.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1

There are often seen such signs in diabetes type 1 while sometimes they become severe 

  • Increase hunger and thirst ( feeling hunger especially after eating)Dry mouth
  • Disturb stomach and vomiting
  • Frequent Urination
  • Sudden loss of weight( instead of feeling hungry)
  • Fatigue
  • Blur vision 
  • Usually infection of the skin, urinary or vagina tract
  • Stubborn irritates
  • Mood change  
  • Fast breathing
  • Fruity smell to the breath
  • Belly pain
  • Severe attack Deeka in which patient lost his consciousness (My daughter had to face this problem too)

Treatment Diabetes Type 1 (Insulin)

Patients who suffer from type 1 can live a long and healthy life to keep a close eye on blood sugar levels. The doctor has to give a range number should stay within. Adjust insulin, proper food, and healthy activities. In type 1 everyone has to use insulin shots to control blood sugar. Doctors recommend insulin Diabetes type 1 patients with main things. They recommend one type of insulin injection three doses before each meal. Second insulin one dose accordingly patient’s sugar level recommend covering whole day sugar. My daughter also uses a NOVARAPID insulin pen three-time and injects it before each meal while the second is a LENTUS pen injects at night time for one time.

The amount of insulin varies according to the patient’s need for the whole day. Diabetes type 1 patients always monitor their blood sugar to check out how much insulin they required. Diet and exercise affect sugar levels. Regular exercise and walk can maintain type 1 blood sugar.


I am not a doctor nor any diabetes specialist. I could not write too much,just shared my experience. Hopping I convey a little bit of knowledge to my readers. If you have any questions or want to share your experience. You may comment in the comment box.