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Does JavaScript worth in 2021?

Does JavaScript worth in 2021
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JavaScript is a client based programming language and was introduced in late 90’s. It is one of the most emerging and approached programming language in 2021. Yes, JavaScript still worth a lot in 2021.

JavaScript is very easily to be embedded with HTML and CSS. JS is very easily compatible with server side language as well as PHP and Python.

Is JavaScript still in demand and worth in 2021?

Without any doubt and queries, JavaScript is still a very popular language in 2021 but having JavaScript alone is not the suitable choice for you that actually worth. You should learn it’s famous and major libraries because JavaScript libraries such as ReactJS is one of the most popular library in 2021.

If you are willing to become a full stack web developer (front end and back end developer ) then JavaScript worth a lot in 2021. JavaScript is the only programming language that usually runs on browser. Learning the popular programming language without frameworks would still worth you to develop the websites. Many of the websites are still developed in plane JavaScript with HTML and CSS but doing it with the help of libraries such as JQuery would help you to write short piece of codes instead of longer ones and would definitely give you the better results as compare to the plane JavaScript in the term of speed. This is because the more is the line of codes for single work the more it would be time taking to give the result so the developers prefer to use JavaScript libraries.

If you are planing to become a Web Designer then HTML and CSS are enough for you because you can design beautiful templates of websites with the help of HTML and CSS.

If you want to be a front end developer than you can additionally learn JavaScript with HTML and CSS.

JavaScript still is in demand and still a lot of job vacancies are remained empty slotted due to no experts. It is highly recommended to learn JavaScript with it’s libraries such as ReactJS. ReactJs is also used for web development and is in very high demand. You can learn more how to learn ReactJS by clicking here.

How should I learn JavaScript?

There should be the list of content to be made to go for learning JavaScript. If you’re keen enough yo learn JavaScript then believe me it won’t take more than 2 months to learn JavaScript.

Here is the list of topic you should learn when starting as a beginner in JavaScript

  • Variables in JavaScript
  • Operators in JavaScript
  • Difference between == & ===
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Objects in JavaScript
  • ECMAScript (ES6) basics

Although JavaScript is not an Object oriented language and you can not make classes in JavaScript but yet you can make Objects for your own use like Object in which you can combine different entities as one.

After learning basic ES6 like arrow functions etc you can easily jump start ReactJS and believe me it would be more easy for you to learn ReactJS right after understanding ES6 (ECMA Script). So, does JavaScript worth in 2021? The short answer is Yes it worth.


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