Homemade Baby food is crucial & essential for every mom. If you are a new mom and you need to know when you have to start baby food. If you are not a master in the kitchen and couldn’t make food for your baby. It’s good if new moms learn some specific and delicious baby food for their babies rather than buy any commercial food for them. Because homemade food has a lot of benefits and enriched vitamins and nutrients.

Here I would like to share some simple fast making and inexpensive recipes. These are full of vitamins and nutritious food that make all moms easily and buy all ingredients from any grocery store.

Can your baby ready to eat solid foods

According to experts and pediatrics, moms should avoid some specific solids to their babies until 6 months. While after 4 months your baby has been reaching certain developmental stages. According to a study in 2013 if you start some solids foods for babies at the age of 6-month-old can reduce the risk of allergies and asthma. So it’s better to check your baby a pediatrician, if he is okay with solid food then you may ready to start to make a portion of homemade food for him.

Important points keep remembering

When you have to start baby food to give your baby some points to keep in your mind

  • Newly eaters need only 1-2 tablespoon of food, so must take a small portion.
  • Look out for allergies when you feeding your baby because there are some common allergies contain in some foods like egg, peanut, wheat, fish, and shellfish.
  • Don’t delay solid to introduce the solid food beyond 6 months.
  • Feed baby with makes fun because baby eats easily with entraining & engage with some plays, talks. 

Food for 4-6 months old baby

When your baby reaches from 4-6 months old you should start some healthy, simple, and single-ingredient food mashes. At this time you may check out food allergy sensitivity. In such a way you may prevent your baby from such sensitivity .when your baby tolerates individual food then you may try the combination of different food and enhance the flavor.

Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes considers first solid,soft baby food

  1. Take a pot with salted water, add one or two medium potatoes and boil them until they tender or soft. It takes 15 minutes after boiling potatoes drain water.
  2. Take one boil potato and add one teaspoon butter and mashed potato with folk or masher or electric beater, blend it until smooth and creamy.
  3. First test mashed potato taste about its salt and smooth texture before feeding your baby
Baked Apple

Apple is full of nutrition It is considered the best first baby food . It is full of water, fiber, protein, and iron. Start a small amount of baked applies to your baby.   

Take one fresh apple wash it nicely and chopped pecans in a bowl.

Add butter and one teaspoon sugar and mix and press enough and put into oven bake it for two or three minutes.

After taking out the apple from the oven mash it again and let it cool.

Feed your baby with a small spoon carefully.

Banana puree

It is said banana is the perfect baby food full of potassium and fiber  

Banana is very gentle on the baby’s stomach. While banana is the best first food for babies but is careful to overdo it because it may cause constipation.

Pea Puree

Peas are a rich source of vitamins A and C iron, protein, and calcium

Take a few spoons of peas add some milk and put it into over and cook well.

After 5 minutes take out from the oven and mashed or blend it well, there will lump in this puree.

To serve you, baby,

Note: please test it by giving one spot to your baby if he likes then proceed with it. Because most children don’t like peas taste.


Here above I share some very earlier baby food, in which I had experience with my kids, these are fewer one thing food recipes. I will discuss two or more things addition recipes in my next article.