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How to take a screenshot

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Doesn’t matter what device do you have. It doesn’t even matter where are you at the spot but it has become very common among all to share the screenshots on laptops or either on your cell phones and it becomes valuable how to take a screenshot.
Technology is moving very fast like a speed of light. Take a look at 10 years back when limited people had android phones and had their WhatsApp but right after 10 years of revolution everything has changed and it has become compulsory for all to be the part of this revolution.
Whenever you are with your friends or anywhere, you read something quite interesting but you want to share that whole story in form of picture but don’t know how to do. Here comes the point of importance of taking screenshots then.

How to take screenshot on Laptop ?

Most of people prefer to use laptops for sort of work and they encounter to take and share screenshot where the want to. It is very easy to take screenshot on laptops.

If you’re using Windows then it is as simple.
1- Click on search or press ctrl + r
2- Type snipping tool
3- click on new and drag it from where you want to take a screenshot till what you want to present in screenshot.
4- press ctrl+s
Screenshot will be saved into your laptop.

If you’re using Mac book then you’ve to follow the simple step to take a screenshots
1- press cmd + shift + 3
Screenshot will be saved on the location which is your default.
Either desktop or either in pictures.

How to take screenshots on mobile phone ?

Many people use cell phones and sharing screenshots, pictures, videos and many things have become very common in our life. Taking screenshots on cell phone is very simple.

Just follow simple steps and you’re done.
Press power button and volume down button together and your screenshot would be saved on your device.

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