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Is JavaScript easy to learn?

is Javascript easy to learn
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JavaScript is a client based scripting language introduced in late 90’s. JavaScript follows ECMAscript that is one of the most standardize set of coding the program structures mode.It makes the code relatively easy to understand and makes JavaScript easy to learn still in 2021.

Many of the programming languages rather all the programming languages follows the ECMA script standards. JavaScript is versatile and easy to understand programming language. JavaScript is widely using in web Development and is highly recommended by the web developers to learn JavaScript.

Is JavaScript easy to learn?

JavaScript is relatively easy and very simple programming language to learn as compare to the other programming languages such as Ruby on rails, Python programming language or c-programming language.

J.Script specifically defines and designed for web development purposes. JavaScript helps you create your websites more rich and responsive.

It has very easy and simple syntax. To be honest it took me only three days to learn JavaScript and I started building websites on JavaScript. Learning JavaScript means buy one get two free. Now, learn JavaScript and you will also learn HTML and CSS with it. Because at first it is the need for web development and secondly JavaScript programming language can easily embeds in to HTML and CSS.

JavaScript is a wonderful option to learn the basics of computer science and to understand the structure of websites and DOM. It does not matter whether you want to a back end developer or front end developer. JavaScript is very modern and to require programming language skill to get into it because JavaScript uses in both front end as well as back end.

JavaScript easily embeds in maximum programming languages like PHP, Python etc. HTML and CSS are not the programming languages.They just used to for the styling purposes.

JavaScript doesn’t need that sort of deep understandings what python or c plus plus asks for but yet when you decide to learn different libraries it becomes a bit tricky but yet you learn it very very smoothly.

Libraries in JavaScript?

There are tons of libraries in JavaScript to learn and which can help you land 6 figure salaries in web development. ReactJS is one of the most in demand and required library in web development. The average ReactJS developer earns 114,000$ anually.

If you have learnt JavaScript then it is relatively very easy for any one to cope up with the Library like ReactJS.

Many of the people confuse them selves in differentiating between either ReactJS is a framework or a library. So, just to clear the confusion, ReactJS is Library. It is not a framework.

Following are the list of libraries in JavaScript that worth in 2021.

  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • BeautifulSoap
  • JQuery
  • QUnit

JavaScript is never ever difficult programming language to learn. JavaScript doesn’t include object oriented concepts but yet you can create object or Arrays and anything you want. It really is a wonderful journey learning JavaScript.

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