Precaution after C-Section concerns with every mother who is getting the baby by C –Section, there is much pain, soreness or even bleeding is usually in normal routine. After all, you have just come back after having a major abdominal operate and you need time to recover. You need more care and some important steps and time to heal up your body. Here I would like to share my personal experience. I got four babies after the C-Section. I have enough steps and precautions, experience in this regard. Few steps I will discuss below, I hope all of you will like and these steps may help to heal up your wounds quickly if you having a baby by C-Section

Take complete Rest

Like other surgeries, the C- Section is also a major surgery. So your body needs to take complete rest after this surgery. Either your stay in hospital for three or four days after delivery( not in case of any complications) or after going home to take complete rest and your body needs rest up to six to seven weeks to fully heal up your surgery.

Needs Fast Asleep

In the early first three to four days very hard to crawl on your bed while your baby needs your attention. This time is really tough than anything. If you heard this advice “Do rest when your baby is resting”. It’s right. You must take a rest and fast asleep when your baby is having sound sleep.

It is better to spend such crucial days with your mother, sisters or close relatives who can help you to look after your baby while you take a rest after C-Section

Take your medicines regularly

Take your medicine regularly, while high potency medicines harmful for breast milk and can hurt milk supply. Other side effects of medicines are constipation and nausea. But many women getting more pain relief than side effects after C-Section. I suggest you take medicines temporarily and step down or less strong pain medicines when you are ready.


 Your body like a baby

Take extra care regarding healing up your C- Section surgery. Avoid going down and upstairs as much as. Keep everything either yours or your baby close to you that you don’t get up too much. Don’t lift anything except your baby. Ask for help from your spouse or family members. Don’t sneeze or cough, but if you have sneeze or cough to protect your incision site and keep protect your incision site with the belt. It takes eight weeks to come back normal routine for you. Ask your doctor about fine exercise but avoid strenuous exercise while doing a gentle walk. This can help to reduce constipation and blood clots.

Good food helps to keep good health

After having a baby with C-Section .there are a lot of internal weaknesses. To control and overcome these weaknesses take healthy food with fresh mutton and its mince, fish & chicken, and fresh fruits and vegetables. My mother said after the C-section women should take a healthy diet like Dasi ghee, meat, and chicken soup, mince cooked in light black paper and salt, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Backed fish and roasted chicken. All the things help to cure C-section wounds quickly and also improve women’s health.

Take Appointment and follow-up check-up

You have to make an appointment with your doctor for both of you and your baby after C -Section curing. If you feel everything is ok with both of you but you must visit and take schedule other follow-up treatments. Your quick response will carry on your life full of enjoying with your baby.


There are other causations  regarding baby, you must take care of your baby beside your health. Don’t ignore your baby’s needs and requirements. Because he is alone without you, he needs your attention. This world is scary land for him. You make go to your follow-up appointments.

Both you and your baby will have checkups. Even if you feel fine, go to your scheduled postoperative and any other follow-up appointments. Don’t wait to call the doctor with concerns. The quicker you recover, the sooner you’ll be able to fully enjoy your new baby. You make this world Eden for him. Because he only recognizes you. So please keep an eye on your baby with your health. Maintain his health with you. May every woman get recover soon who is going to suffer C-Section and always happy with her kids and family.