Top stages of a crawling baby is One of the most adorable and sweet memories in the life of every parent. Many people become very stressed regarding this stage of their child , there is nothing to worry about. Every child has their own process of development. Top stages of crawling baby start from the age of 6 months to 11 months. It depends on the development phase and motor skills of y

Not all babies start top stages of crawling baby at the age of 6th months. Some babies start crawling at the age of the 8th month and some even don’t crawl and directly switch to standing and walking stage and this is completely normal and doesn’t think much about abnormal crawling. Babies take their own pace in the development stages and it cannot compare with other babies. Give your child the space and the support they need to grow and develop

Types of Baby Crawling

There are many stages of baby crawling, first the muscles of child like back, legs, hands, shoulders develop enough and strong to maintain balance. Your little one goes step by step , this journey is beautiful to watch

With the help of these stages, you will be able to understand this phase of your baby well and you will able to understand each milestone achieved by your baby. The Top common stages of crawling baby as follow:

Stage 1

Tummy time:

. Your baby can maintain his balance on his tummy ,If your baby has strong muscles and fine motor skills. this is the first exercise in . Consider this as the cornerstone for baby crawling. You must give your baby tummy time regularly. Don’t let him too long in this position , give them enough time to do this baby crawling exercise. He may irritates after some time ,make sure he try to move more a little effort. If you want to encourage your baby for crawling exercise, you can try to put a pillow under his stomach and he can lift his head up and see things more easily. After some time your baby will be able to balance on elbows and hands and this is the time where they will be moving to the next stage of baby crawling.

Stage 2

Rolling over:

Your baby’s capability to roll over can consider as one of the major milestones towards baby crawling. He can roll over from back to belly as well. It doesn’t matter that who roll over pattern your baby adopts , after some time he masters both patterns of rollover irrespective of what pattern they started from. The babies can actually roll over to the paces they want to go and they can do this for weeks. This time you need extra careful toward your baby. Don’t leave them alone or put pillows around to keep them safe from any kind of injury or from falling.

stage 3

Sitting up:

You can consider this stage as attest for your baby’s balance and it is one more step towards baby crawling. This stage comes between the age of 5 to 7 months. At this stage, the Baby’s core strength and the spinal column develope, that baby can perform other functions as well using their arms and legs. Baby learns to pivot his arms and legs. In no time babies can transform from rolling over to the sitting position.

Stage 4

Planking and rocking:

It usually occurs between the period of 6 to 8 months. This is the stage in which you will see your baby doing actions that are the basis for baby crawling. Your baby moves his/her legs and becomes able to sustain that motion for a long time. Your baby tries to adopt different crawling positions. It helps them develop their stamina and this stage indicates that your baby is a few weeks away from baby crawling. Your baby can stay in this stage for weeks as well.

Stage 5:

Army crawl:

It happens between 7 to 9 months usually, this stage your baby has learnt a lot of new ways of moving, strengthening their muscle, and testing their limits. All these baby exercises add up at this stage and help the baby to move forward. It is such an excitement to see this stage of your baby. Your baby has been trying and getting anxious to trying to move and trying to get where he/she wants to go and this is the stage where he/she can actually move forward. The pattern is that the baby relies on arms to move and from legs push forwards.

Stage 6:

Hands and knees:

It happens between the months of 7 to 10.  Here you can see the hand and knees with belly up movement. You will see various styles here,plank position, rocking, pushing forward, etc. There builts a stamina of baby crawling depends on his clothes and the surface of crawling on. The confidence for baby crawling built here.

Now congratulations after this stage your baby has started crawling and now this is high time that you should hide your electrical plugs or valuable things laying on the floor. Don’t forget to put child locks on the cabinets. They want to get in and get their hands on everything they find in their way.

There are few helpful tips that you can use to help baby crawling

Give them a lot of tummy time regularly. Increase period and allow them to develop their stamina and muscles. Babies learn by observing and this could them in development. Cheer your baby. Praise them and make sure that you are supportive. Clap for them or make gestures that they know their mom is watching them and appreciate them.

  • Your baby starts crawling with differnet styles. There are many crawling styles and there is few list of baby crawling
  • BabyCrab crawl
  • Bear crawling
  • Baby Rolling crawl
  • Bottom scooter
  • Commando crawling
  • Baby Cross craw\
  • Do record or take pictures of the stage of crawling. This is one of the most developmental stage of your baby. Different babies start crawling at different ages. If you observe that your baby is not showing natural signs of motion like shuffling, rolling, scooting, you must consult your baby to a doctor. Take care of their safety and give them messages every week or even daily if possible. your baby crawling around the house for the first time is a moment that you definitely will never forget.